Canadian music stars who deceased at age 70

Here are 24 famous musicians from Canada died at 70:

Bryan Hextall

Bryan Hextall (July 31, 1913 Grenfell-July 25, 1984 Portage la Prairie) was a Canadian ice hockey player.

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Mordecai Richler

Mordecai Richler (January 27, 1931 Montreal-July 3, 2001 Montreal) otherwise known as Mordecai Richler, CC was a Canadian writer, screenwriter, essayist and author. His children are called Daniel Richler, Jacob Richler, Noah Richler, Emma Richler and Martha Richler.

His albums: Jacob Two Two and the Dinosaur.

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Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie (January 28, 1822 Logierait-April 17, 1892 Toronto) was a Canadian writer, journalist, architect and engineer. He had one child, Mary Mackenzie.

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Jeanne Sauvé

Jeanne Sauvé (April 26, 1922 Prud'homme-January 26, 1993 Montreal) a.k.a. Jeanne Sauve was a Canadian politician and journalist.

She died caused by cancer.

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William Osler

William Osler (July 12, 1849 Bradford West Gwillimbury-December 29, 1919 Oxford) also known as Sir William Osler or Dr. William Osler was a Canadian physician.

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John Savage

John Savage (May 28, 1932 Newport, Wales-May 13, 2003 Dartmouth) a.k.a. Dr. John Savage was a Canadian physician and politician.

He died in stomach cancer.

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Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell (March 9, 1822 Hedon-May 24, 1892 Toronto) was a Canadian politician. He had one child, Charles Sandwith Campbell.

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Louis Orville Breithaupt

Louis Orville Breithaupt (October 28, 1890 Germany-December 12, 1960) was a Canadian businessperson and politician.

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Thomas Walter Scott

Thomas Walter Scott (October 27, 1867 Middlesex Centre-March 23, 1938 Guelph) was a Canadian personality.

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James Whitney

James Whitney (October 2, 1843 Dundas County, Ontario-September 25, 1914 Toronto) was a Canadian lawyer.

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Hazen Argue

Hazen Argue (January 6, 1921 Moose Jaw-October 2, 1991 Regina) was a Canadian politician.

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Guido Molinari

Guido Molinari (October 12, 1933 Montreal-February 21, 2004 Montreal) was a Canadian personality.

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Maurice Spector

Maurice Spector (April 5, 1898-August 1, 1968) was a Canadian personality.

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Harry Strom

Harry Strom (July 7, 1914 Burdett-October 2, 1984 Edmonton) was a Canadian farmer.

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Simon Fraser Tolmie

Simon Fraser Tolmie (January 25, 1867 Victoria-October 13, 1937 Victoria) was a Canadian farmer.

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Thomas Greenway

Thomas Greenway (March 25, 1838 Kilkhampton-October 30, 1908 Ottawa) was a Canadian personality. He had one child, John Wesley Greenway.

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Marc-Amable Girard

Marc-Amable Girard (April 25, 1822 Varennes-September 12, 1892 Saint Boniface, Winnipeg) was a Canadian personality.

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Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin (September 24, 1852 Milton-March 2, 1923 Vancouver) was a Canadian personality.

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George Munro

George Munro (November 12, 1825 Pictou County-April 23, 1896) was a Canadian teacher and publisher.

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Pauline Julien

Pauline Julien (May 23, 1928 Trois-Rivières-October 1, 1998 Montreal) a.k.a. Julien, Pauline was a Canadian singer and actor. She had two children, Nicolas Galipeau and Pascale Galipeau.

Her albums: Rétrospective, Québec love, Femmes de paroles, Les Refrains d'abord, and .

She died as a result of suicide.

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Errick Willis

Errick Willis (March 21, 1896 Canada-January 9, 1967) was a Canadian lawyer and politician.

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Ruggles Wright

Ruggles Wright (April 5, 1793 Woburn-August 18, 1863) was a Canadian personality. His child is called William McKay Wright.

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Rodolphe Lemieux

Rodolphe Lemieux (November 1, 1866 Montreal-September 28, 1937) was a Canadian lawyer.

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Filip Konowal

Filip Konowal (September 15, 1888 Kutkivtsi-June 3, 1959 Hull) was a Canadian soldier.

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