Canadian music stars who deceased at age 77

Here are 24 famous musicians from Canada died at 77:

Wilfrid Laurier

Wilfrid Laurier (November 20, 1841 Saint-Lin-Laurentides-February 17, 1919 Ottawa) also known as Sir Wilfrid Laurier was a Canadian politician and lawyer.

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James J. Hill

James J. Hill (September 16, 1838 Wellington County-May 29, 1916 Saint Paul) also known as James Hill was a Canadian personality. His child is Louis W. Hill.

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Oswald Avery

Oswald Avery (October 21, 1877 Halifax-February 20, 1955 Nashville) a.k.a. Dr. Oswald Avery was a Canadian physician.

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Alistair MacLeod

Alistair MacLeod (July 20, 1936 North Battleford-April 20, 2014 Windsor) was a Canadian writer, novelist and professor.

He died in stroke.

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Samuel Cunard

Samuel Cunard (November 21, 1787 Halifax-April 28, 1865 London) was a Canadian personality. He had one child, Edward Cunard.

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Marcelle Ferron

Marcelle Ferron (January 29, 1924 Louiseville-November 19, 2001 Montreal) was a Canadian personality.

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James McIntyre

James McIntyre (May 25, 1828 Forres-March 31, 1906) was a Canadian poet.

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John Edward Brownlee

John Edward Brownlee (August 27, 1883 Norfolk County-July 15, 1961 Calgary) was a Canadian lawyer.

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William Edmond Logan

William Edmond Logan (April 20, 1798 Montreal-June 22, 1875 Castell Malgwyn) was a Canadian geologist.

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Francis Hincks

Francis Hincks (December 14, 1807 Cork-August 18, 1885 Montreal) was a Canadian businessperson.

He died as a result of smallpox.

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Donald Creighton

Donald Creighton (July 15, 1902 Toronto-December 19, 1979 Brooklin, Ontario) also known as Donald Grant Creighton was a Canadian writer and historian.

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Nellie McClung

Nellie McClung (October 20, 1873 Chatsworth, Ontario-September 1, 1951 Victoria) a.k.a. Nellie L. McClung or L. Nellie McClung was a Canadian writer and novelist. She had five children, Horace McClung, Mark McClung, Florance McClung, Paul McClung and Jack McClung.

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Yvon Durelle

Yvon Durelle (October 14, 1929 New Brunswick-January 6, 2007) was a Canadian personality.

He died caused by stroke.

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John Douglas Hazen

John Douglas Hazen (June 5, 1860 Oromocto-December 27, 1937 Saint John) was a Canadian lawyer.

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Clifford William Robinson

Clifford William Robinson (September 1, 1866 Moncton-July 27, 1944 Montreal) was a Canadian personality.

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John Wise

John Wise (December 12, 1935 Elgin County-January 9, 2013 London) was a Canadian personality.

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Brian Moore

Brian Moore (August 25, 1921 Belfast-January 11, 1999 Malibu) a.k.a. Bernard Mara or Michael Bryan was a Canadian writer, novelist, author and screenwriter. He had one child, Michael Moore.

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Douglas Jung

Douglas Jung (February 24, 1924 Victoria-January 4, 2002) was a Canadian politician and lawyer.

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Lee Patterson

Lee Patterson (March 31, 1929 Vancouver-February 14, 2007 Galveston) was a Canadian actor.

He died in lung cancer.

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Frances Hyland

Frances Hyland (April 25, 1927 Shaunavon-July 11, 2004 Toronto) a.k.a. Frances Hyland, OC was a Canadian actor. Her child is called Evan McCowan.

She died caused by respiratory failure.

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Cairine Wilson

Cairine Wilson (February 4, 1885 Montreal-March 3, 1962 Ottawa) was a Canadian personality.

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James Albert Manning Aikins

James Albert Manning Aikins (December 10, 1851 Province of Canada-March 1, 1929 Winnipeg) was a Canadian politician.

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Lucien Lamoureux

Lucien Lamoureux (August 3, 1920 Canada-July 16, 1998) was a Canadian personality.

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Helen Maksagak

Helen Maksagak (April 15, 1931 Bernard Harbour-January 23, 2009 Cambridge Bay) was a Canadian politician.

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