Canadian musicians who died due to Stroke

Here are 9 famous musicians from Canada died in Stroke:

Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould (September 25, 1932 Toronto-October 4, 1982 Toronto) otherwise known as Glen Gould, Glenn Herbert Gold, Gould, Glenn, Glenn Herbert Gould or Glen Gold was a Canadian pianist, composer, film score composer, screenwriter, writer, conductor and broadcaster.

His albums include The Art of Glenn Gould: Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Salzburg Recital 1959, The Composer, Glenn Gould Plays Contemporary Music, Glenn Gould Edition: Berg, Krenek, Webern, Debussy & Ravel, The Glenn Gould Edition: Gould, Shostakovich, Poulenc, Glenn Gould ...And Serenity, Handel: Harpsichord Sonatas nos. 1-4 / Bach: Preludes & Fugues, BWV 878 & 883, The Complete Original Jacket Collection and Bach: The Art of the Fugue / Händel: Harpsichord Suites. Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Frank C. Lynch-Staunton

Frank C. Lynch-Staunton (March 8, 1905 Pincher Creek-September 25, 1990 Edmonton) also known as Frank Lynch-Staunton was a Canadian politician.

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Walter Pidgeon

Walter Pidgeon (September 23, 1897 Saint John-September 25, 1984 Santa Monica) also known as Walter Davis Pidgeon, Walter Davis Pigeon or Pidgeon was a Canadian actor and singer. His child is Edna Pidgeon Atkins.

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Ernie Coombs

Ernie Coombs (November 26, 1927 Lewiston-September 18, 2001 Pickering) also known as Ernest "Ernie" Arthur Coombs, Canada's Mr. Dress-Up or Ernest Coombs was a Canadian actor.

His albums include Wake Up Mr. Dressup! and Mr. Dress Up.

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Jan Rubeš

Jan Rubeš (June 6, 1920 Volyně-June 29, 2009 Toronto) also known as Jan Ladislav Rubeš or Jan Rubeš was a Canadian actor and opera singer. He had three children, Christopher Jan Rubeš, Jonathan Mark Rubeš and Anthony Dean Rubeš.

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Billie Mae Richards

Billie Mae Richards (November 21, 1921 Toronto-September 10, 2010 Burlington) otherwise known as Billie Mae Dinsmore, Billie Richards or Billy Richards was a Canadian actor and voice actor. Her child is called Judi Richards.

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Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan (July 21, 1911 Edmonton-December 31, 1980 Toronto) a.k.a. Herbert Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian educator, philosopher, futurist, writer, author and actor. He had six children, Teri C. McLuhan, Eric McLuhan, Mary McLuhan, Stephanie McLuhan, Elizabeth McLuhan and Michael McLuhan.

His albums include The Medium Is The Massage.

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George Beverly Shea

George Beverly Shea (February 1, 1909 Winchester, Ontario-April 16, 2013 Asheville) a.k.a. Bev or Beverly Shea was a Canadian writer, songwriter, singer and actor. He had two children, Ronnie Shea and Elaine Shea.

His albums: I'd Rather Have Jesus, If That Isn't Love, Southland Favorites, Songs From My Heart, I'd Rather Have Jesus / King of All Kings, How Sweet the Sound, Christian Classics and Christmas Joy.

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George Hall

George Hall (November 19, 1916 Toronto-October 21, 2002 Hawthorne) was a Canadian actor.

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