Chilean movie stars born in 1974

Here are 5 famous actresses from Chile were born in 1974:

Blanca Lewin

Blanca Lewin (August 7, 1974 Santiago-) also known as Blanca Esperanza Lewin Gajardo or Blanca Esperanza Lewin is a Chilean actor. She has one child, Marina Quinteros Lewin.

Javiera Contador

Javiera Contador (June 17, 1974 Santiago-) otherwise known as Javiera Isabel Contador Valenzuela is a Chilean actor, presenter, comedian and film producer. Her child is called Mila Rougier .

Tamara Acosta

Tamara Acosta (February 5, 1974 San Bernardo-) also known as Tamara Olga Acosta Zambra, The Muse of Chilean Cinema or Daniela Fernanda Lopez Parra is a Chilean actor. She has one child, Olga Araya.

Catalina Olcay

Catalina Olcay (September 14, 1974 Santiago-) a.k.a. Carla Catalina Olcay Montti is a Chilean actor. Her children are called Octavia Espinoza and Alicia Espinoza.

María Paz Grandjean

María Paz Grandjean (December 24, 1974 Santiago-) also known as María Paz Grandjean Cárdenas is a Chilean actor.

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