Chilean musicians died at 57

Here are 4 famous musicians from Chile died at 57:

Adolfo Couve

Adolfo Couve (March 28, 1940 Chile-March 11, 1998) was a Chilean writer.

He died as a result of firearm.

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Juan Antonio Ríos

Juan Antonio Ríos (November 10, 1888 Cañete, Chile-June 27, 1946 Santiago) also known as Juan Antonio Rios was a Chilean politician.

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Guillermo Riveros

Guillermo Riveros (February 10, 1902 Chile-October 8, 1959) was a Chilean personality.

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Pato Guzman

Pato Guzman (September 10, 1933 Chile-January 2, 1991 Santiago) also known as Patricio Guzman, Patino Guzman or Patricio "Pato" Guzmán was a Chilean film art director and production designer.

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