Chilean musicians died at 67

Here are 10 famous musicians from Chile died at 67:

Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela Mistral (April 7, 1889 Vicuña-January 10, 1957 Hempstead) a.k.a. Gabriela Mistrēle, Lucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga or Mistral, Gabriela was a Chilean writer, poet, teacher, educator and diplomat.

She died in pancreatic cancer.

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Hermógenes Irisarri

Hermógenes Irisarri (April 19, 1819-July 22, 1886) was a Chilean writer and politician.

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Higinio Ortúzar

Higinio Ortúzar (January 10, 1915 Santiago-April 5, 1982) was a Chilean personality.

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Juan Bernal Ponce

Juan Bernal Ponce (July 17, 1938-January 19, 2006) was a Chilean architect.

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Dagoberto Godoy

Dagoberto Godoy (July 22, 1893 Temuco-September 8, 1960 Santiago) was a Chilean personality.

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Francisco Nef

Francisco Nef (August 3, 1863-June 9, 1931) was a Chilean politician.

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Alfonso Lara

Alfonso Lara (April 27, 1946 Chile-August 13, 2013 Santiago) was a Chilean personality.

He died caused by cancer.

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Evelyn Ankers

Evelyn Ankers (August 17, 1918 Valparaíso-August 29, 1985 Maui) a.k.a. The Screamer, "Queen of the Screamers" or the Queen of the Screamers was a Chilean actor.

She died caused by ovarian cancer.

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Roberto Rey

Roberto Rey (February 15, 1905 Valparaíso-May 30, 1972 Madrid) otherwise known as Roberto Colás Iglesias was a Chilean actor.

He died in heart failure.

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José María Urrutia Manzano

José María Urrutia Manzano (August 13, 1781 Concepción-December 17, 1848) was a Chilean personality.

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