Chilean musicians died at 70

Here are 7 famous musicians from Chile died at 70:

Marta Brunet

Marta Brunet (August 9, 1897 Chile-October 27, 1967) was a Chilean writer.

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Carlos F. Borcosque

Carlos F. Borcosque (September 9, 1894 Valparaíso-September 5, 1965 Buenos Aires) also known as Carlos Borcosque, Carlos Francisco Borcosque or Carlos Francisco Borcosque Sánchez was a Chilean screenwriter and film director. His child is called Carlos Borcosque Jr..

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Monna Bell

Monna Bell (January 23, 1938 Santiago-April 22, 2008) also known as Bell, Monna was a Chilean personality.

She died as a result of stroke.

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Raúl Ruiz

Raúl Ruiz (July 25, 1941 Puerto Montt-August 19, 2011 Paris) also known as Raúl Ernesto Ruiz Pino, Raul Ruiz, Raúl Ruis, Raul Ruíz, Raoul Ruiz or Raul Ruiz Pino was a Chilean film director, screenwriter, television director, writer, film producer, film editor, actor, cinematographer and production designer.

He died caused by lung infection.

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Mario Góngora del Campo

Mario Góngora del Campo (June 22, 1915 Santiago-November 18, 1985 Santiago) a.k.a. Mario Góngora was a Chilean personality.

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Rafael Frontaura

Rafael Frontaura (February 7, 1896 Valparaíso-August 15, 1966 Santiago) also known as Rafael Fontaura, Rafael Frontura or Rafael Frontaura de la Fuente was a Chilean actor and screenwriter.

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José Miguel Barriga Castro

José Miguel Barriga Castro (June 14, 1816 Los Andes-September 3, 1886) was a Chilean personality.

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