Chilean musicians died before 25

Here are 5 famous musicians from Chile died before 25:

Pedro Balmaceda

Pedro Balmaceda (February 27, 1868 Santiago-June 1, 1889 Santiago) was a Chilean writer and journalist.

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David Arellano

David Arellano (July 29, 1902 Santiago-May 3, 1927 Valladolid) was a Chilean personality.

He died as a result of peritonitis.

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Daniel Zamudio

Daniel Zamudio (August 3, 1987 Santiago-March 27, 2012 Santiago) was a Chilean personality.

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José Piñera Carvallo

José Piñera Carvallo (April 5, 2015 Paris-June 3, 1991 Santiago) also known as Manuel José Piñera Carvallo was a Chilean engineer, diplomat and politician. He had six children, José Piñera, Sebastián Piñera, Pablo Piñera, Miguel Piñera, Guadalupe Piñera and Magdalena Piñera.

He died caused by pulmonary emphysema.

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Felipe Rivera

Felipe Rivera (May 10, 1971 Arica-October 1, 1995) was a Chilean personality.

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