Chinese actors who were born in 1909

Here are 5 famous actors from China were born in 1909:

Yuan Muzhi

Yuan Muzhi (March 3, 1909 Ningbo-January 30, 1978 Beijing) also known as Muzhi Yuan, Yuán Mùzhī or man with a thousand faces was a Chinese actor, film director and screenwriter. His children are called Munu Yuan, XiaoMu Yuan and MuNan Yuan.

Wen Chung Ku

Wen Chung Ku (February 8, 1909 Wuxi-June 15, 1981 China) otherwise known as Ku Wen Tsung, Mun Chung Gu, Wenzong Gu, Ku Wen Chung, Wen Tsung Ku, Ku Wen-Tsung or Guh Men Tong was a Chinese film director and actor.

Lee Sun-Fung

Lee Sun-Fung (April 10, 1909 Guangdong Province-May 21, 1985) a.k.a. Chenfeng Li or Sun-fung Lee was a Chinese film director, screenwriter and actor.

Langen Han

Langen Han (March 29, 1909 Shanghai-January 27, 1982 China) also known as Han Lan-ken, Lan-gen Han or Laan-Gan Hon was a Chinese actor.

Ziyue Zhao

Ziyue Zhao (June 1, 1909 Shanxi-November 5, 1997 Beijing) a.k.a. Zhao Ziyue was a Chinese actor.

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