Chinese actors who were born in 1949

Here are 6 famous actors from China were born in 1949:

Lung Wei Wang

Lung Wei Wang (July 14, 1949 China-) also known as Lung Wang, Wong Lung, Johnny Wang, Wong Lung Wei, Wang Lun, Wang Lun Wei, Wang Lung Wei, 王龙威, Wang Lung-wei or Johnny Wang Lung Wei is a Chinese actor, film director, producer and choreographer.

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Phillip Ko

Phillip Ko (June 18, 1949 Hong Kong-) otherwise known as Phillip Ko Fei, Phillip Kao Fei, Ko Fai, Fei Ko, Fai Ko, Philip Ko, Kao Fei, Phillip Ku, Phillip Kao, Philip Kho, Yun Kao, Fei Gou, Fei Kao or Philip Ko-Fei is a Chinese film director, actor, film producer, screenwriter and editor.

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Bryan Leung

Bryan Leung (January 20, 1949 Hong Kong-) also known as Ka-Yan Leung, Liang Chia-Jen, Liang Chia-ren, Kar Yan Leung, Liang Wing-Jen, Chia-ren Liang, Beardy, Bryan Leung, Bryan Leung Ka-yan, Chia Jen Liang, Jiaren Liang, Leung Kar-Yan, Chia Ren Liang or Leung Kar Yan is a Chinese film director, actor, screenwriter and film producer. He has one child, Leung Ho Yee.

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Chi Kuan-chun

Chi Kuan-chun (June 14, 1949 Guangdong Province-) also known as Hsi Kuan-Chun, Chick Koon Jun, Chik Goon-Gwan, Chea Kwin Chwn, Wu Dong-wai, Chi Kuan Chun, Kuan-Chun Chi, Qi Guànjun, Chi Kuan-Chun, Kuan-Chun Hsi or Chi Kwan Chun is a Chinese actor, martial artist, film director and screenwriter.

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George Cheung

George Cheung (February 8, 1949 Hong Kong-) also known as Kee Cheung, George Lee Cheong, George Kee Chung, George Chang, George Kee, George 'Kee' Cheung, George Kee Cheung, George K. Cheung, George Lee Cheung or George Chung is a Chinese actor, stunt performer, singer, voice actor and film producer.

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Kirk Wong

Kirk Wong (March 28, 1949 Hong Kong-) also known as Alan Smithee, Che-Kirk Wong, Kirk Wong Chi-keung, Zhiqiang Huang, Che Kirk Wong Chi Keung, Wong Chi Keung, Huang Zhi Qiang, Che Kirk Wong, Chi Keung Wong or Wang Zheng-quan is a Chinese actor, film director and screenwriter.

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