Chinese actors who were born in 1961

Here are 7 famous actors from China were born in 1961:

Cui Jian

Cui Jian (August 2, 1961 Beijing-) also known as 崔健, Cui, Jian or Jian Cui is a Chinese singer, actor, film score composer, musician, songwriter, trumpeter and guitarist.

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Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong (September 2, 1961 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Wong Chau-Sang, Anthony Perry, Wong Chau Sang, Chau-Sang Wong, Qiusheng Huang, Antony Wong, Huang Qiusheng, Chow-Sun Wong, Yat, Chau-Sun Wong, Chau Sang Anthony Wong, Anthony Wong Chau-sang, Anthony Wong Chau Sang or Wong4 Cau1-sang1 is a Chinese actor, screenwriter, film director, voice actor and television presenter. He has one child, Huang Yi Yi.

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Kai Man Tin

Kai Man Tin (June 9, 1961 Hong Kong-) also known as Tin Kaiman, Tenky Tin, Tenky Tai Man Tin, Tin Kai Man, Raymond Tin, Tun Kai Man, Tin Kai-mun, Tin Kai Mun, Tenky Tin Kai-Man, K. M. Tin, Tian Oi-Wen or Tian Qi-Wen is a Chinese actor and unit production manager.

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Elvis Tsui

Elvis Tsui (October 13, 1961 Mudanjiang-) also known as Xu Jin-Jang, 徐锦江, 徐錦江, Xú Jǐnjiāng, Xu Jin Jiang, Xu Jin-Jiang, Jin Jiang Xu, Jinjiang Xu, Kam-kong Tsui, Elvis Tsui Kam-kong, Chui Gam-Kong, Xi Jim-Xiang, Xu Jim-Jiung, Chui Kam-Kong or Tsui Kam-Kong is a Chinese actor, artist, photographer, model, singer, visual artist and musician.

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Lee Lik-chi

Lee Lik-chi (May 10, 1961 Hong Kong-) also known as Li Lik Chee, Lik Chee Lee, Lik-chee Lee, Richard Lee, Lichi Li, Lik-Chi Lee, Lee Lik Chee, Lee Nik-Che or Li Li Chi is a Chinese actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

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Edmund Chen

Edmund Chen (February 4, 1961 Singapore-) also known as Edmund Chen Zhi Cai or Zhi-cai Chen is a Chinese actor. He has two children, Chen Yixi and Chen Yixin.

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Ji Chunhua

Ji Chunhua (July 20, 1961 Hangzhou-) a.k.a. Chun Hua Ji, Ji Chun Hua, Chunhua Ji, Chun-hua Ji, Ji Chunhua or Ji Chun-Hua is a Chinese actor and stage combat.

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