Chinese actors who were born in 1969

Here are 8 famous actors from China were born in 1969:

Wang Hongwei

Wang Hongwei (September 3, 1969 Wen County, Henan-) also known as Hongwei Wang, Wang Hong-Wei, Wáng Hóngwěi, Hong Wei Wang or Wong Hong-Wai is a Chinese actor.

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Mark Lui

Mark Lui (July 9, 1969 Hong Kong-) also known as 雷頌德, 雷颂德, Chung-Tak Lui, Lui Jung-tak, leoi4 zung6 dak1, Léi Sòng Dé, Lui Chung Tak or Mark Lui Chung-Tak is a Chinese composer, record producer, actor, songwriter, lyricist, musician, film score composer, fashion designer, singer and music director. His children are called Jack Lui and Jazz Lui.

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Patrick Tam

Patrick Tam (March 19, 1969 Hong Kong-) also known as 譚耀文, 谭耀文, Tam, Patrick, Yiu Man Tam, Tam Yiu Man, Yao-wen Tan, Tán Yiǎowén, Tam4 Jiu6 Man4, Tan Yaowen or Patrick Tam Yiu Man is a Chinese singer and actor. He has two children, Daniel Tam and Tamia Tam.

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Kevin Cheng

Kevin Cheng (August 15, 1969 San Francisco-) is a Chinese singer, actor and model.

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Tao Guo

Tao Guo (December 17, 1969 Xi'an-) also known as Guo Tao, Gwok To or Kwok To is a Chinese actor. He has two children, Guo Zirui and Isabella Guo.

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Ellesmere Choi

Ellesmere Choi (December 28, 1969 Hong Kong-) otherwise known as Ellesmere Choi Chi Kin is a Chinese actor.

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Zhang Guoqiang

Zhang Guoqiang (September 30, 1969 Jiamusi-) also known as Guoqiang Zhang, Guoqiáng Zhang or 张国强 is a Chinese actor.

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Ma Jian

Ma Jian (August 20, 1969 Shijiazhuang-) also known as Jian Ma or Ma Jian is a Chinese actor and basketball player.

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