Chinese actors who were born in 1971

Here are 7 famous actors from China were born in 1971:

Moses Chan

Moses Chan (April 16, 1971 Hong Kong-) also known as Ah Mo, Mouses Chan, Moses Chan Ho, Chan Ho, Ho Chan, Chan Ho Moses, Can4 Hou4 or Chén Háo is a Chinese actor, model and singer.

Julian Cheung

Julian Cheung (August 27, 1971 Hong Kong-) also known as Zhilin Zhang, Cheung Chi Lam, Chi-Lam Cheung, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Chi Lam Cheung, Chilam, 張智霖, 张智霖, Zhāng Zǐlín, Zoeng1 Zi3 Lam4, Chung Dik-saan, Ar-Gill or Julian Cheung Chi-lam is a Chinese singer, actor and music arranger. He has one child, Morton Cheung.

Ban Wang

Ban Wang (July 7, 1971 Henan-) is a Chinese actor. He has one child, Zihan Wang.

Huang Lei

Huang Lei (November 6, 1971 Nanchang-) a.k.a. Lei Huang or Lui Wong is a Chinese actor, film director, screenwriter, singer and dancer. He has one child, Christine.

Wang Xuebing

Wang Xuebing (September 6, 1971 Ürümqi-) otherwise known as Xue Bin Wang is a Chinese actor.

Shi Hang

Shi Hang (March 12, 1971 Changchun-) also known as Hang Shi is a Chinese screenwriter, actor and author.

Hu Bing

Hu Bing (February 14, 1971 Hangzhou-) is a Chinese actor, model, singer, designer, television producer, philanthropist and presenter.

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