Chinese actors who were born in 1978

Here are 11 famous actors from China were born in 1978:

Duncan Chow

Duncan Chow (September 19, 1978 Hong Kong-) otherwise known as Duncan Lai is a Chinese model and actor.

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Yu Xia

Yu Xia (October 6, 1978 Qingdao-) also known as Xia Yu, Xià Yǔ or Ha Yue is a Chinese actor. He has one child, Xia Haha.

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Liu Ye

Liu Ye (March 23, 1978 Changchun-) also known as Ye Liu is a Chinese actor. His children are called Liu Nuoyi and Liu Nina.

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Rynn Lim

Rynn Lim (December 29, 1978 Sarawak-) also known as Rynn Lin is a Chinese singer, actor, songwriter and record producer.

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Yu Xing

Yu Xing (December 27, 1978 Zhangqiu-) also known as Huang Yang, Hang Yu, Shi Xing-Yu, Sik Hang-Yu, Zhang Shuwu, Xing Yu, Kong Mong-King, Monk King Kong, Yanneng Shi, Shi Xing Wu, Shi Yanneng, Shi Yan Neng, Xi Yue, H. Y. Cheung, Cheung Hang-Yu, Shi Xing-Wu or Shi Xing Yu is a Chinese actor and monk.

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Chen Sicheng

Chen Sicheng (February 22, 1978 Shenyang-) also known as Si Cheng Chen, Chen Si Cheng or Sicheng Chen is a Chinese actor, film director, screenwriter, lyricist, songwriter and singer.

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Feng Shaofeng

Feng Shaofeng (October 7, 1978 Shanghai-) otherwise known as Shao-feng Feng, Feng Wei, William Feng, Feng Shao Feng, Shaofeng Feng, 冯威, 馮威, Féng Wēi, 馮紹峰, 冯绍峰 or Féng Shàofēng is a Chinese actor.

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Yuan Nie

Yuan Nie (March 17, 1978 Zhenyuan County, Guizhou-) a.k.a. Nie Yuan is a Chinese actor.

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Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee (November 24, 1978 Beijing-) a.k.a. Jerry Lee, Li Chen or Chen Li is a Chinese actor and singer.

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Qiao Zhenyu

Qiao Zhenyu (November 1, 1978 Guilin-) also known as Qiao Zhen Yu or Zhenyu Qiao is a Chinese actor and dancer.

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Haitao Du

Haitao Du (October 28, 1978 Shenyang-) a.k.a. Du Haitao is a Chinese actor.

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