Chinese actors who were born in 1987

Here are 9 famous actors from China were born in 1987:

Qiao renliang

Qiao renliang (October 15, 1987 Shanghai-) also known as Qiao renlang, Kimi Qiao Renliang, Kimi Qiao, Ren Liang Qiao or Renlang Qiao is a Chinese actor, singer and model.

Xinbo Fu

Xinbo Fu (March 5, 1987 Xi'an-) also known as Xin Bo Fu is a Chinese actor and singer.

Bowen Duan

Bowen Duan (April 14, 1987 Chengdu-) also known as Duan Bowen, Duan Bo-Wen or Duan Bou-Wen is a Chinese actor.

Mao Fangyuan

Mao Fangyuan (September 10, 1987 Ningbo-) also known as Maomao or Francis Mao is a Chinese singer, actor and voice actor.

YuAng Yu

YuAng Yu (January 23, 1987 Tiantai County-) is a Chinese film producer, television producer and actor.

Wang Hao

Wang Hao (May 17, 1987 Dalian-) is a Chinese songwriter, actor, rapper, dancer and singer.

Chen Xiao

Chen Xiao (July 5, 1987 Hefei-) also known as Xiaoxiao or Morning is a Chinese actor.

Liu Peng

Liu Peng (June 4, 1987 China-) is a Chinese actor.

Qian Zhijun

Qian Zhijun (July 15, 1987 Jinshan District-) otherwise known as Little Fatty or Xiǎo Pàng is a Chinese actor, entertainer, television show host and model.

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