Chinese actors who deceased in 2008

Here are 5 famous actors from China died in 2008:

Kim Chan

Kim Chan (December 28, 1917 Guangdong Province-October 5, 2008 The Bronx) also known as Kim S. Chan was a Chinese actor and film producer.

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Wong Yue

Wong Yue (October 26, 1955 Hong Kong-May 16, 2008 Hong Kong) also known as Yue Wong, Wang Yu, Wang Yue, Wong Yu, Yu Wang, Yung Wong Yue, Wong Chi Kuen, Young Wong Yu or Yung Wong Yu was a Chinese actor.

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Kun Li

Kun Li (February 18, 1930 Tianjin-March 12, 2008 Taipei) otherwise known as Li Kwun, Quin Lee, Lee Quinn, Xin Liang Li, Lee Kwan, Kwan Lee, Kuen Li, Li Kun, Li Quinn, Lee Sum Leung, Li Kuen, Li Chuan, Li Quin or Lee Kun was a Chinese actor.

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Charles Chan

Charles Chan (December 18, 1914 Ma'anshan-February 26, 2008 Hong Kong) also known as Fong Dao-Long, Chan Chi-Peng, 陳志平, Chén Zhìpíng, Fong Dou-Loong, Fáng Dàolóng, 房道龍 or Chan Zhiping was a Chinese actor, film producer, cook and bodyguard. His children are called Jackie Chan, Fang Shide and Fang Shisheng.

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Lung Fong

Lung Fong (February 4, 1954 China-November 14, 2008 Xi'an) also known as Fang Long, Chien Min, Li Chien Min, Jimmy Lee, Jimmy Lee Fong, Jimmy Lung Fong, Lee Kin-Man, Li Chien-Min, Fong Lung, Kin Man Lee, Chien-wen Li or Jimmy Lung was a Chinese film director, actor and stage combat.

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