Chinese actors who deceased in 2010

Here are 4 famous actors from China died in 2010:

Chao-Li Chi

Chao-Li Chi (April 5, 1927 Shanxi-October 16, 2010 Granada Hills) also known as Chao-Li-Chi, Chao-Li, Ch'ao Li Chi or Chao Li Chi was a Chinese actor, dancer, teacher and voice actor.

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Wan Chi Keung

Wan Chi Keung (May 1, 1956 Hong Kong-February 16, 2010 Hong Kong) also known as Chi Keung Wan was a Chinese actor, businessperson and football player.

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Jia Hongsheng

Jia Hongsheng (March 19, 1967 Jiutai District-July 5, 2010 Beijing) also known as Hongshen Jia, Jia Hong-Shen, Ka Wang-Seng or Jia was a Chinese actor.

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Wong Tin-lam

Wong Tin-lam (September 11, 1927 Shanghai-November 16, 2010 Hong Kong Baptist Hospital) also known as Wang Tianlin, 王天林, wong4 tin1 lam4, wáng2 tiān1 lín2, Wong Tin Lam, Wang Tian Lin, Wong Tin Lem, Wang Tian-Lin, Tin Lam Wong, Ting-Lam Wong, Tin-lam Wong, Tian Lin Wang, Tian-lin Wang, Wang Tien-lin, Wong Tin-Lan, Wang Tin-Lam, Wang Tin-Lin, Wang Tien-Ling, Wang Tien Lin, Wong Tin Lan or Wong Tin-Lam was a Chinese actor, film director, film producer, television producer and screenwriter. His child is called Wong Jing.

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