Chinese movie actors deceased in Liver cancer

Here are 2 famous actors from China died in Liver cancer:

Lam Ching-ying

Lam Ching-ying (December 27, 1952 Hong Kong-November 8, 1997 Hong Kong) also known as Lam Gun Bo, Cheng-Ying Lam, Ching Ying Lam, Ching-Ying Lam, Lín Zhèngyĩng, Lím Gẽnbǎo, Lam4 Gan1bou2, Lam Ching-Ying (1), Lam Cheng-Ying, Lin Cheng-Ying, Park Chung-Ying, Lim Chen-Ying or Lam Ching Ying was a Chinese actor, martial artist, stunt performer, film producer and film director.

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Qiu Liu

Qiu Liu (November 27, 2014 Beijing-April 28, 2002 Shanghai) also known as Liu Qiu, Liu Qiong, Lau King or Liew Keng was a Chinese actor and film director.

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