Chinese movie actors deceased in Lung cancer

Here are 6 famous actors from China died in Lung cancer:

Wong Jim

Wong Jim (March 16, 1941 Panyu District-November 24, 2004 Hong Kong) a.k.a. 黃霑, 黄沾, James Wong Jim, James Wong, wong4 zim1, 黃湛森, Jim Wong, Wong4 Jaam3 Sam1, Uncle Jim, huang2 zhan1, Wong Jum-sum or Wong Jim was a Chinese actor, film score composer, lyricist, film director, screenwriter, presenter and journalist. His children are called Ursule Wong, Wong Yue Hon and Wong Yue Man.

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Lung Fong

Lung Fong (February 4, 1954 China-November 14, 2008 Xi'an) also known as Fang Long, Chien Min, Li Chien Min, Jimmy Lee, Jimmy Lee Fong, Jimmy Lung Fong, Lee Kin-Man, Li Chien-Min, Fong Lung, Kin Man Lee, Chien-wen Li or Jimmy Lung was a Chinese film director, actor and stage combat.

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Kwan Shan

Kwan Shan (April 20, 1933 Shenyang-October 1, 2012 Hong Kong) also known as San Kuan, Kuan Shan, Shan Guan or Shan Kwan was a Chinese actor. He had one child, Rosamund Kwan.

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Kong Ngai

Kong Ngai (November 27, 2014 Guangdong Province-March 13, 2013 Hong Kong) a.k.a. Tang Siu Ji was a Chinese actor, stockbroker and opera singer.

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Georg H. Schnell

Georg H. Schnell (April 11, 1878 Yantai-March 31, 1951 Berlin) a.k.a. Georg Schnell, Georg Heinrich, G. H. Schnell, G.H. Schnell, George Schnell, Schnell, Georg Heinrich Schnell, Georg Schnell/Schnell, George Snell, Georg H.Schnell or G.H.Schnell was a Chinese actor.

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Wu Ma

Wu Ma (September 22, 1942 Tianjin-February 4, 2014 Hong Kong) otherwise known as Fung Wu Ma, Fung Wo Ma, Ma Wo, Wuma Feng, Ma Ng, Feng Wu Ma, Wo Ma, Wu-Ma Feng, Ng Ma, Féng Hóngyuán, Wǔ Mǎ, Ng5 Maa5, Fung4 Wang4jyun4, Wu-Ma Fung, 午马, 午馬, 冯宏源, 馮宏源, Fun Wo-Ma or Wu Ma Feng was a Chinese film director, actor, film producer, screenwriter and comedian.

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