Chinese actresses who were born in 1947

Here are 5 famous actresses from China were born in 1947:

Deanie Ip

Deanie Ip (December 25, 1947 Dapeng Fortress-) otherwise known as Deanie Ip Tak Han, Deanie Yip, Deannie Yip, ye4 de2 xian2, Deannie Ip, Dexian Ye, Dinny Yip or Tak-han Yip is a Chinese singer and actor.

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Liza Wang

Liza Wang (August 28, 1947 Islands of Shanghai-) also known as Elizabeth Wang Ming-chun, The Big Sister or Elizabeth "Liza" Wang is a Chinese presenter, singer, actor and master of ceremonies.

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Josephine Siao

Josephine Siao (March 13, 1947 Suzhou-) a.k.a. Hsiao Liang, Liang Xiao, Josephine Siao Fong Fong, Fong Fong Siao, Siu Fong-fong, Fangfang Xiao, Fong-fong Siu, Liang Siao, Fong-Fong Siao, Hsiao Fang-fang, Sister Fong Fong or Siao Liang is a Chinese writer, singer, actor, psychologist and screenwriter.

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Kaity Tong

Kaity Tong (July 23, 1947 Qingdao-) also known as 董恺悌, Dǒng Kǎitì, Kaity or Tong is a Chinese journalist and actor. Her child is called Philip Long.

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Betty Ting

Betty Ting (February 19, 1947 Taiwan-) also known as Betty Ting Pei, 丁珮, 丁佩, Tông Bí-Lē, 唐美丽, Teng Pho̍ah, 唐美麗, Táng Měilì, Tang Mei Li, Tang Mei-Li, Ting Pei, Pei Ting or Mei-Li Tong is a Chinese actor. She has one child, Jacky Heung.

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