Chinese actresses who were born in 1974

Here are 8 famous actresses from China were born in 1974:

Candy Lo

Candy Lo (October 18, 1974 Hong Kong-) also known as 卢巧音, ¬ÇÉŇô, ¿c¥©µ­­, Lo Hau Yam, 盧巧音, Lo, Candy, lum lum, Lo Hau-Yam, Lu Qiao-yin or Lou4 Haau2 Jam1 is a Chinese singer, actor and singer-songwriter.

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Xu Jinglei

Xu Jinglei (April 16, 1974 Beijing-) also known as Xu Jing Lei, Jinglei Xu, Jane Xu, Tsui Ching-Lai, Chui Jing-Lu, Tsui Ching-Lui, Jing Lei Xu, Chui Jing-Lui or Jane X is a Chinese film director, actor, editor, screenwriter and film producer.

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Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun (October 18, 1974 Quzhou-) also known as Zhou, Xun or Xun Zhou is a Chinese actor, singer and model.

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Josie Ho

Josie Ho (December 26, 1974 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Josephine Ho Chiu-Yi, Josephine Ho, Chao Yi He, Chiu Yee Hoh, Ho Chiu-Yee, Josie Ho Chiu-Yee, Chaoyi He, Josephine "Josie" Ho Chiu-Yi, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Josie Ho Chiu-Yi, Ho Chiu, 何超儀 or 何超仪 is a Chinese singer, actor, film producer and voice actor.

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Miriam Yeung

Miriam Yeung (February 3, 1974 Hong Kong-) also known as 楊千嬅, 杨千桦, ·¨¤då_, Yeung Chin Wah, 杨千嬅, Yeung, Miriam, Chak Wah Yeung, Qianhua Yang, Chin Wah Yeung, Chin-wah Yeung, Yáng Qiānhuà or Miriam Yeung Chin Wah is a Chinese singer, actor and nurse. Her child is called Torres Ting.

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Kristy Yang

Kristy Yang (January 7, 1974 Shanghai-) a.k.a. Yang King Ru, Kristy Yan, Kung-Yu Yang, Kristy Yeung, Kristy Yang Kung Yu, Kristy Yeung Kung Yu, Yang Kung Yu or Yeung Kung Yu is a Chinese actor.

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Anne Heung

Anne Heung (October 2, 1974 Hong Kong-) is a Chinese actor.

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Yuanyuan Zhu

Yuanyuan Zhu (March 18, 1974 Qingdao-) a.k.a. Zhu Yuanyuan is a Chinese actor.

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