Chinese actresses who deceased at age 77

Here are 2 famous actresses from China died at 77:

Jiang Qing

Jiang Qing (March 19, 1914 Zhucheng-May 14, 1991 Beijing) a.k.a. Lan Ping, Madame Mao, Chiang Ching, First lady Jiang Qing, Lǐ Shūméng, Lĭ Yúnhè or Lán Píng was a Chinese politician and actor. Her child is Li Na.

She died as a result of suicide.

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Sari Maritza

Sari Maritza (March 17, 1910 Tianjin-July 1, 1987 United States Virgin Islands) also known as Patricia Detering-Nathan or Dora Patricia Detring-Nathan was a Chinese actor.

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