Chinese musicians who were born in 1969

Here are 10 famous musicians from China were born in 1969:

Dou Wei

Dou Wei (October 14, 1969 Beijing-) otherwise known as 窦唯, 鬄峔, ñ¼Î¨, Wei Dou, 竇唯, Dou, Wei or Dòu Wéi is a Chinese musician, composer, singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist. He has two children, Dou Jingtong and Dou Jiayuan.

His albums: , Eight Fragments, Sunny Days, Rainy Murmur, Dark Dreams, Acousma, One Stone, Two Birds, Mountain River and Hou Guan Yin. Genres related to him: Post-rock, Electronic music, Ambient music, Chinese rock, Folk music and Alternative rock.

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He Yong

He Yong (February 15, 1969 Beijing-) is a Chinese , .

His albums: Garbage Dump. Genres he performed include Ambient music, Chinese rock, Electronic music, Folk music, Alternative rock and Post-rock.

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Faye Wong

Faye Wong (August 8, 1969 Beijing-) a.k.a. Wong Fei, Wang Fei, Wong Xia Lin, Wong Ching Man, Xia Lin, faye_wong, Faye Wang, Faye Wang Fei, Faye Wong Fei, Fei Wang, Jing-Wen Wang, Jingwen Wang, Jing-Man Wong, Shirley Wong, Miss Charm, Wong Jing Man or Ching-Man Wong is a Chinese singer, model, songwriter and actor. Her children are called Dou Jingtong and Li Yan.

Her discography includes: Enchanting Kaler, Where Does the Wind Come From?, Everything, You're the Only One, Shirley Once More, More Shirley, Love Without Regrets, Like Wind (Autumn version), Faye Best and Faye Wong Live in Concert.

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Cass Phang

Cass Phang (February 2, 1969 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Phang Ling, Cassapella Phang, Cass Pang, ´^²Ü, Phang, Cass, Phang Yingying or Péng Líng is a Chinese singer. Her children are called Lamb Wing and Lamb Ching.

Discography: Precious Moments, 給我唱過的男孩們, 如夢初醒, Chyou Neau, , , , Yen Ching Shih Shih De, Chueh Se Yin Chan and Ye Feng Ling.

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Mark Lui

Mark Lui (July 9, 1969 Hong Kong-) also known as 雷頌德, 雷颂德, Chung-Tak Lui, Lui Jung-tak, leoi4 zung6 dak1, Léi Sòng Dé, Lui Chung Tak or Mark Lui Chung-Tak is a Chinese composer, record producer, actor, songwriter, lyricist, musician, film score composer, fashion designer, singer and music director. His children are called Jack Lui and Jazz Lui.

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Patrick Tam

Patrick Tam (March 19, 1969 Hong Kong-) also known as 譚耀文, 谭耀文, Tam, Patrick, Yiu Man Tam, Tam Yiu Man, Yao-wen Tan, Tán Yiǎowén, Tam4 Jiu6 Man4, Tan Yaowen or Patrick Tam Yiu Man is a Chinese singer and actor. He has two children, Daniel Tam and Tamia Tam.

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Sun Nan

Sun Nan (February 18, 1969 Dalian-) also known as 孫楠, 孙楠, Sūn Nán or Syun1 naam4 is a Chinese singer. His children are Bao-yao Mai and Bei Sun.

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Gao Xiaosong

Gao Xiaosong (November 14, 1969 Beijing-) also known as Xiaosong Gao, Gao Xiao Song, Gao, Xiao Song or Gao Xiao-Song is a Chinese composer, songwriter, record producer, film director, screenwriter, film producer, film score composer and writer.

His discography includes: Collegiate Ballads 1 and 青春无悔-高晓松作品集. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Ai Jing

Ai Jing (September 10, 1969 Shenyang-) otherwise known as Ai, Jing is a Chinese , .

Her discography includes: 艾在旅途 and 追月. Her related genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Zhang Yadong

Zhang Yadong (March 11, 1969 Datong-) also known as Yadong Zhang, Zhang Ya-Dong, Zhang Ya Dong, Zhang Yadong or Ya-dong Zhang is a Chinese record producer, singer, film score composer and composer.

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