Chinese musicians who were born in 1982

Here are 14 famous musicians from China were born in 1982:

Daniel Lee Chee Hun

Daniel Lee Chee Hun (July 1, 1982 Changlun-) is a Chinese singer.

His albums: Daniel Lee Chee Hun, Unavoidable, Daniel Celebration Edition 慶功收藏版, Pasti, Sharing and Danell Lee Live In Concert. Genres related to him: Pop music.

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Betty Sun

Betty Sun (September 26, 1982 Shanghai-) otherwise known as Sun, Li, 孫儷, Sun Li, Li Sun, Betty Sun Li, Susan Sun, Susan Sun Li, Susan or Betty is a Chinese actor and singer. She has one child, Deng Hanzhi.

Her albums include 爱如空气 and 小小的梦想.

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Quincy Tan

Quincy Tan (January 10, 1982 Kuala Lumpur-) is a Chinese singer, artist, singer-songwriter and music artist.

Genres related to him: Mandopop.

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Liu Liyang

Liu Liyang (October 24, 1982 Beijing-) a.k.a. Jeno, Jeno Liu or Liyang Liu is a Chinese singer and screenwriter.

Discography: . Genres she performed: Mandopop.

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Brandon Chang

Brandon Chang (December 28, 1982 Toronto-) otherwise known as Wilfred Chang or Wilfred Brandon Chang is a Chinese singer.

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An Youqi

An Youqi (October 14, 1982 Harbin-) a.k.a. An, Angela is a Chinese singer.

Related albums: 談情說愛.

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Jaycee Chan

Jaycee Chan (December 3, 1982 Los Angeles-) also known as Jo-Ming Jaycee Chan, Chan Jo-Ming, Jaycee Fong, Jackson Chan, Fang Zuming, Tsuming Fong, Jo-Ming Chan, Zu-Ming Fong, Zu-Ming Chen, Fong Tsuming, Jaycee Chan Fong Jo-Ming, Jo-Ming Fong, Joming Fong, Zu-Ming Fang, Zuming Fang, Jaycee Chan Jo-Ming, Chén ZǔMíng, Chan4 Zo2 Ming4, 房祖名, 陳祖明, 陈祖明, Fáng ZǔMíng or Fong4 Zo2 Ming4 is a Chinese actor, singer, composer, lyricist, guitarist, spokesperson, musician, businessperson and music artist.

Genres: Cantopop and Mandopop.

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Hu Ge

Hu Ge (September 20, 1982 Shanghai-) also known as Hu Ke, 胡歌, Hu, Ge, Ge Hu, Maomao, Humao, Hu Mama, Hu Xiaobai, Dahu, Maoge, Laohu, Gege or Hugh is a Chinese actor and singer.

Discography: Scarlet Heart- Original Television Soundtrack and .

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Jocie Kwok

Jocie Kwok (March 21, 1982-) a.k.a. 郭美美, Guo Mei Mei or Kok, Jocie is a Chinese singer.

Related albums: 我的答鈴, No More Panic and My Darling. Genres she performed: Mandopop.

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Han Han

Han Han (September 23, 1982 Shanghai-) a.k.a. Harn Harn is a Chinese essayist, singer, writer, rally driver and actor. He has one child, Han Xiaoye.

His albums: R-18.

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Lang Lang

Lang Lang (June 14, 1982 Shenyang-) also known as Lang, Lang is a Chinese pianist, musician, artist, actor and music artist.

Discography: Dragon Songs, Lang Lang Live at Carnegie Hall, The Art of Lang Lang, Memory, Chopin, Lang Lang Live in Vienna, Gran Turismo 5, The Chopin Album, Best of Lang Lang and Piano Trios.

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Li Yundi

Li Yundi (October 7, 1982 Chongqing-) a.k.a. Yundi Li, Li, Yundi or Yundi is a Chinese pianist.

His albums: Yundi Li: Chopin (feat. piano: Yundi Li), Yundi Red Piano with DVD, Yundi Live in Beijing with DVD, Chopin Nocturnes, Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 2; Ravel: Piano Concerto in G major, Chopin, Liszt: Piano Concerto No. 1, Vienna Recital, Chopin: Scherzi; Impromptus with DVD, Portrait Yundi Li and Pathetique - Moonlight - Appassionata.

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Shang Wenjie

Shang Wenjie (December 22, 1982 Shanghai-) is a Chinese composer, songwriter and singer.

Her albums: À la claire fontaine, Beneath Van Gogh's Starry Sky, About Us, Time Lady, Fashion Icon, Ma Puce, Nightmare, in, w in win and Before The Doom. Her related genres: Mandopop.

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Zhang Jie

Zhang Jie (December 20, 1982 Sichuan-) also known as 張傑, 张杰 or Jason Zhang is a Chinese singer and actor.

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