Chinese music stars who deceased at age 48

Here are 7 famous musicians from China died at 48:

Yap Ah Loy

Yap Ah Loy (March 14, 1837 Huizhou-April 15, 1885 Kuala Lumpur) was a Chinese personality.

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Xu Dishan

Xu Dishan (February 3, 1893-August 4, 1941 Hong Kong) was a Chinese writer.

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Shangguan Yunzhu

Shangguan Yunzhu (March 2, 1920 Jiangyin-November 23, 1968 Shanghai) a.k.a. Yunzhu Shangguan, Shang-kuan Yun-chu, Wei Junluo, Wei Yajun or Seung-Goon Wan-Chu was a Chinese actor. She had three children, Zhang Qijian, Yao Yao and Ran Wei.

She died caused by suicide.

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Dai Li

Dai Li (May 28, 1897 Jiangshan-March 17, 1946 Nanjing) also known as Lieutenant General Dai Li, Himmler of China, Dai Chunfeng or Yunong was a Chinese politician and military officer.

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Gao Gang

Gao Gang (October 25, 1905 Shaanxi-August 17, 1954 Beijing) was a Chinese politician. He had three children, Gao Yi, Gao Xuan and Gao Yan-sheng.

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Princess Taiping

Princess Taiping (April 5, 0665-August 2, 0713) also known as 太平公主, Tàipíng Gōngzhǔ, Princess of Peace or LiLingYue was a Chinese politician. She had six children, Xue Chongxun, Xue Chongjian, Lady Wanquan, Wu Chongmin, Wu Chongxing and Lady Wu.

She died in suicide.

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Luo Jing

Luo Jing (May 29, 1961 Sichuan-June 5, 2009 Beijing) was a Chinese personality.

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