Chinese music stars who deceased at age 54

Here are 7 famous musicians from China died at 54:

Ma-Xu Weibang

Ma-Xu Weibang (April 5, 2015 Zhejiang-April 5, 1961 Hong Kong) was a Chinese screenwriter and film director.

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Shing Fui-On

Shing Fui-On (February 1, 1955 Hong Kong-August 27, 2009 Hong Kong) also known as Shing Fooi On, Sing Fui On, Shing Fai On, Cheng Kui An, Fui-On Shing, F.O. Shing, Sing Fu On, Shing Fui On, Sing Fui Ann, Big Dumber, Dai Sor, sing4 fui1 on1, 成奎安, 大傻, Fui On Shing or Dai Saw was a Chinese actor.

He died caused by laryngeal cancer.

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Lung Fong

Lung Fong (February 4, 1954 China-November 14, 2008 Xi'an) also known as Fang Long, Chien Min, Li Chien Min, Jimmy Lee, Jimmy Lee Fong, Jimmy Lung Fong, Lee Kin-Man, Li Chien-Min, Fong Lung, Kin Man Lee, Chien-wen Li or Jimmy Lung was a Chinese film director, actor and stage combat.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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Lubi Kui

Lubi Kui (September 17, 1886 China-July 9, 1941) also known as Bo hong was a Chinese publisher and businessperson.

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Wen Qiang

Wen Qiang (January 29, 1956 Banan District, Chongqing-July 7, 2010 Chongqing) was a Chinese police officer. His child is Wen Qie Hao.

He died as a result of capital punishment.

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Xu Jingcheng

Xu Jingcheng (December 1, 1845 Jiaxing-July 28, 1900) was a Chinese personality.

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Takuzo Kawatani

Takuzo Kawatani (July 21, 1941 Changchun-December 22, 1995) also known as Kawatani Takuzo, Takuzo Nishina, Nishina Takuzo, The Piranha Gang or Takuzô Kawatani was a Chinese actor. He had two children, Fuki Nishina and Takashi Nishina.

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