Chinese music stars who deceased at age 60

Here are 7 famous musicians from China died at 60:

Zhao Jiuzhang

Zhao Jiuzhang (October 15, 1907 China-April 5, 1968) was a Chinese physicist and scientist.

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Fu Baoshi

Fu Baoshi (October 5, 1904 Xinyu-September 29, 1965 Nanjing) was a Chinese artist, painter and visual artist.

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Chua Ek Kay

Chua Ek Kay (November 21, 1947 Guangdong Province-February 8, 2008 Singapore) was a Chinese artist and visual artist.

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Feng Guozhang

Feng Guozhang (January 7, 1859 Hejian-December 12, 1919 Beijing) was a Chinese politician, warlord and soldier.

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Paul Wei Ping-ao

Paul Wei Ping-ao (November 29, 1929 Nanjing-December 3, 1989 Hong Kong) also known as Ngai Ping Ngo, Ping-Ao Wei, Wei Pin Au, Yue Ping Au, Paul Wei Ping-Ao, Wei Ping-Aou, Newton Wei, Ping-Ou Wei, Wei Ping-Ao, Paul Wei, Ngai6 Ping4-ou3 or Wei Ping'ao was a Chinese actor.

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Sun Li

Sun Li (October 16, 1949 Guangxi-May 9, 2010 Tianjin) also known as Sun Shengli or Li Sun was a Chinese novelist.

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Pao-Lu Hsu

Pao-Lu Hsu (September 16, 1910 Beijing-December 18, 1970 Beijing) was a Chinese personality.

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