Chinese music stars who deceased at age 67

Here are 4 famous musicians from China died at 67:

Zhu Shilin

Zhu Shilin (July 27, 1899 Taicang-January 5, 1967 Hong Kong) otherwise known as Shilin Zhu was a Chinese screenwriter and film director.

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Puru (August 30, 1896 Beijing-November 18, 1963 Taipei) was a Chinese artist, painter and visual artist.

He died as a result of lymphoma.

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Daoguang Emperor

Daoguang Emperor (September 16, 1782 Forbidden City-February 25, 1850 Old Summer Palace) was a Chinese personality. He had six children, Yixuan, Prince Chun, Prince Gong, Xianfeng Emperor, Yicong, 2nd Prince Tun, Gurun Princess Shou'an and Kurun Princess Duanshun.

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Zaifeng, Prince Chun

Zaifeng, Prince Chun (February 12, 1883 Beijing-February 3, 1951 Beijing) was a Chinese personality. He had eleven children, Puyi, Pujie, Jin Youzhi, Jin Zhijian, Pu Yunyu, Jin Ruijie, Yunying, Yunhe, Princess Yunying, Jin Yunxian and Puqi.

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