Chinese music stars who deceased at age 70

Here are 8 famous musicians from China died at 70:

Hu Shih

Hu Shih (December 17, 1891 Shanghai-February 24, 1962 Taipei) a.k.a. Shih Hu or Shi Hu was a Chinese philosopher, essayist and diplomat.

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Tian Han

Tian Han (March 12, 1898 Changsha-December 10, 1968 Changsha) also known as 田漢, Tián Hàn, 田汉, Han Tian, Han Immortal, 汉仙, 田寿昌, Uncle Great Wild Goose, Shuren, Hànxiān, 伯鸿, buó hóng, Tian Shouchang, Chen Yu or 漱人 was a Chinese screenwriter, poet, playwright and translator.

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Guan Pinghu

Guan Pinghu (April 5, 1897 Suzhou-April 5, 1967) also known as 管平湖 or Guan, Pinghu was a Chinese personality.

His albums include Qin.

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Shi Pei Pu

Shi Pei Pu (December 21, 1938 Shandong-June 30, 2009 Paris) was a Chinese personality.

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Li Han-hsiang

Li Han-hsiang (April 18, 1926 Huludao-December 17, 1996 Beijing) also known as Han Xiang Li, Hsiang Tzu, Lee Han Cheung, Richard Lee, Richard Li Han Hsiang or Han Hsiang Li was a Chinese film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. He had two children, Tien-Lang Li and Li Yanping.

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Kan Mukai

Kan Mukai (October 16, 1937 Dalian-June 9, 2008 Tokyo) also known as Ryû Inô, Hiroki Mukae, Patrick Kan or Hiroshi Mukai was a Chinese film producer, film director, screenwriter and cinematographer.

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Liu Shaoqi

Liu Shaoqi (November 24, 1898 Ningxiang County-November 12, 1969 Kaifeng) a.k.a. Shaoqi Liu was a Chinese politician. He had two children, Liu Yuan and Liu Ting Ting.

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Empress Dowager Bian

Empress Dowager Bian (December 30, 0159 Shandong-July 9, 0230) also known as Lady Bian, Empress Dowager of Cao Wei, Empress Wuxuan, Pien T'ai-hou or Biàn Tàihòu was a Chinese personality. Her children are Cao Zhang, Cao Pi, Cao Zhi and Cao Xiong.

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