Chinese music stars who deceased at age 74

Here are 13 famous musicians from China died at 74:

Li Shizhen

Li Shizhen (July 3, 1518 Qichun County-April 5, 1593) also known as Li Shih-chen, 李时珍, 李時珍, Lǐ Shízhēn, Dongbi or Shizhen Li was a Chinese physician and herbalist. His child is Li Qianyuan.

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Wu Tianming

Wu Tianming (October 19, 1939 Sanyuan County-March 4, 2014 Beijing) a.k.a. Tian-Ming Wu, Tianming Wu, Tian Ming Wu, Wú Tiānmíng, Wu Tian-Ming, Wu Tian Ming, Ng Tin Ming, Ng Tin-Ming or Ng Tien-Ming was a Chinese film producer, film director, actor and screenwriter. His child is Yanyan Wu.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Dai Jin

Dai Jin (April 5, 1388 Hangzhou-April 5, 1462 Hangzhou) was a Chinese artist, painter and visual artist.

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Pu Songling

Pu Songling (June 5, 1640 Zibo-February 25, 1715 Zibo) a.k.a. Sung-ling Pʻu, Sung-ling Pu, P'u Sung-ling or Songling Pu was a Chinese writer and author. He had one child, Pu Ruo.

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Chen Hongmou

Chen Hongmou (October 10, 1696-July 14, 1771) was a Chinese philosopher.

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Pan Tianshou

Pan Tianshou (April 5, 1897 Ninghai County-April 5, 1971) was a Chinese artist, painter and visual artist. He had one child, Pan Gongkai.

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Yang Weizhen

Yang Weizhen (April 5, 1296-April 5, 1370) was a Chinese artist, painter and visual artist.

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Hua Luogeng

Hua Luogeng (November 12, 1910 Jintan-June 12, 1985 Tokyo) a.k.a. Luogeng Hua was a Chinese mathematician.

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Lam Sheung Yee

Lam Sheung Yee (November 7, 1934 Hong Kong-April 23, 2009 North Point) otherwise known as Spencer Lam Sheung Yee, Lam Seung-Yi, 倉魚, Heavy Gun, Seung-Yi, Spencer Lam, Lam Shueng Yee, Sheung-Yee Lam, Spencer Lam Sheung-Yee, 重炮, 林尚義, Lam Sheung-Yee, Seung-Yi Lam, Seung-yee LAM, Pale Fish, Sheung Yee Lam, Spencer Lam Seung-Yi, Lam Sheung Yee, Lam Sheung-Yi or Lam Gwing-Ye was a Chinese presenter, actor, football player, sports commentator, teacher, voice actor, athlete, announcer and coach.

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Shen Xiling

Shen Xiling (April 5, 2015-December 17, 1940 Chongqing) was a Chinese screenwriter and film director.

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Ying Ruocheng

Ying Ruocheng (June 21, 1929 Beijing-December 27, 2003 Beijing) a.k.a. Ying Ruocheng or Ruocheng Ying was a Chinese actor, playwright, politician and translator. He had one child, Da Ying.

He died caused by liver disease.

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Chen Zhongwei

Chen Zhongwei (October 1, 1929 Ningbo-March 23, 2004 Shanghai) was a Chinese personality.

He died in accident.

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Choh Hao Li

Choh Hao Li (April 21, 1913 Guangzhou-November 28, 1987 Berkeley) was a Chinese personality.

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