Chinese music stars who deceased at age 75

Here are 5 famous musicians from China died at 75:

Li Jinhui

Li Jinhui (September 5, 1891 Xiangtan-February 15, 1967 Shanghai) was a Chinese composer, record producer and songwriter.

Genres related to him: C-pop.

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Wu Yonggang

Wu Yonggang (November 1, 1907 Wu County-December 18, 1982) also known as Yonggang Wu was a Chinese film director and screenwriter.

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Ma Sicong

Ma Sicong (May 7, 1912 Haifeng County-May 20, 1987 United States of America) was a Chinese composer and violinist.

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Runde Shaw

Runde Shaw (April 5, 1898 Ningbo-September 18, 1973 China) also known as Shao Cunren, Rendi Shao or Run-De Shaw was a Chinese film producer.

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Hou Baolin

Hou Baolin (November 29, 1917 Tianjin-February 4, 1993 Beijing) a.k.a. Chinese Charlie Chaplin was a Chinese actor and comedian. His children are called Hou Yaohua, Hou Yuzhong, Hou Yaoru, Hou Zhen and Hou Jun.

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