Chinese music stars died before turning 35

Here are 18 famous musicians from China died before 35:

Cai Xitao

Cai Xitao (April 5, 2015-March 9, 1981) was a Chinese scientist.

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Jenny Pat

Jenny Pat (August 8, 1981 Hong Kong-December 29, 2014 Tai Po) was a Chinese personality.

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Tan Sitong

Tan Sitong (March 10, 1865 China-September 28, 1898) was a Chinese philosopher.

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Ren Xiong

Ren Xiong (July 19, 1823-November 23, 1857) was a Chinese artist, painter and visual artist.

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Tao Wei

Tao Wei (March 11, 1978 Beijing-August 27, 2012) was a Chinese personality.

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Betty Loh Ti

Betty Loh Ti (August 29, 1937 Shanghai-December 27, 1968 Kowloon) also known as Xi Zhong Yi, Di Le, Tih Lo, Betty Loh Ti, Loh Ti or Betty Loh Tih was a Chinese actor. She had one child, Chen Rude.

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Gong Runbo

Gong Runbo (April 5, 1972 China-December 31, 2006) was a Chinese personality.

He died caused by execution by firing squad.

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Empress Xiaoquancheng

Empress Xiaoquancheng (March 24, 1808 Suzhou-February 13, 1840 Forbidden City) was a Chinese personality. She had three children, Xianfeng Emperor, Gurun Princess Shou'an and Kurun Princess Duanshun.

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Chieh Yuan

Chieh Yuan (March 15, 1945 Haifeng County-November 16, 1977 Hong Kong) a.k.a. Chieh Yu Kun, Gai Yuen, Yuan Chieh, Yuen Jai, Yuan Hsieh, Jié Yuán, Gaai2 Jyun4 or Yu-kun Chieh was a Chinese actor and stunt performer.

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Emperor Xizong of Jin

Emperor Xizong of Jin (February 28, 1119-January 9, 1150) also known as Wányán Dǎn or Wányán Hélá was a Chinese personality.

He died in homicide.

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Li Xiang

Li Xiang (April 5, 1981 China-April 5, 2015) was a Chinese journalist.

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Xiao Hong

Xiao Hong (June 2, 1911 Hulan District-January 22, 1942 Hong Kong) also known as Hong Xiao, Hsiao Hung, Zhang Naiying or Qiao Yin was a Chinese writer and novelist.

She died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Xu Zhimo

Xu Zhimo (January 15, 1897 Haining City-November 19, 1931 Tai'an) also known as Yousen or Zhangxu was a Chinese poet. He had two children, Hsu Chi-kai and Hsu Bide.

He died caused by aviation accident or incident.

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He Zizhen

He Zizhen (April 5, 2015 Jiangxi-April 19, 1984 Shanghai) also known as First lady He Zizhen or Ho Tzu-chen was a Chinese soldier. Her children are Yang Yuehua, Li Min and Mao Anhong.

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Wong Ka Kui

Wong Ka Kui (June 10, 1962 Hong Kong-June 30, 1993 Tokyo) also known as 黃家駒, Huang Jia Ju, 黄家驹, Ka-Kui Wong or Huang Jiaju was a Chinese musician, singer, actor, songwriter, composer, singer-songwriter, record producer, bandleader and peace activist.

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Jiang Yukun

Jiang Yukun (April 5, 2015 Hangzhou-April 5, 1981) also known as Jiang yu kun was a Chinese personality.

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Wang Qiang

Wang Qiang (January 16, 1975 China-November 17, 2005 China) was a Chinese personality.

He died in capital punishment.

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Er Wang

Er Wang (April 5, 2015 Shenyang-September 18, 1983 Guangchang County) also known as Wang Zongfang, Wang Zongwei, 王宗坊, 王宗玮, 二王 or 东北二王 was a Chinese personality.

He died in shoot.

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