Colombian actresses who were born in 1974

Here are 5 famous actresses from Colombia were born in 1974:

Paula Garcés

Paula Garcés (March 20, 1974 New York City-) a.k.a. Paula Garces, Paula Maria Santos Garcés, Paula Graces or Paula Garcès is a Colombian actor, screenwriter, television producer and film producer. Her child is called Skye Mahoney.

Angie Cepeda

Angie Cepeda (August 2, 1974 Cartagena-) otherwise known as Angélica María Cepeda Jiménez or Angie Zepeda is a Colombian actor.

Carolina Gómez

Carolina Gómez (February 26, 1974 Cali-) a.k.a. Carolina Gomez Correa, Carolina Gómez Correa or Carolina Gámez is a Colombian actor, presenter and model.

Zharick León

Zharick León (November 17, 1974 Cartagena-) is a Colombian actor.

Cristina Umaña

Cristina Umaña (December 24, 1974 Ibagué-) also known as Cristina Umana or Cristina Baltazar Umana is a Colombian actor. Her child is called Baltazar Jaramillo Umaña.

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