Colombian actresses who were born in 1975

Here are 5 famous actresses from Colombia were born in 1975:

Natasha Klauss

Natasha Klauss (June 25, 1975 Barranquilla-) otherwise known as Natasha Alejandra Rastapkavicius Arrondo is a Colombian actor. She has two children, Isabel Gómez and Paloma Greco.

Valentina Rendón

Valentina Rendón (August 14, 1975 Manizales-) a.k.a. Ms Rendón or Valentina Rendón Escobar is a Colombian singer and actor.

Sandra Beltrán

Sandra Beltrán (June 5, 1975 Bucaramanga-) also known as Sandra Liliana Beltrán Ojeda is a Colombian actor.

Anastasia Acosta

Anastasia Acosta (April 24, 1975 Colombia-) also known as Anastasia is a Colombian actor and model.

Sandra Reyes

Sandra Reyes (May 31, 1975 Bogotá-) a.k.a. Sandra Janeht Reyes is a Colombian actor.

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