Colombian actresses who were born in 1979

Here are 5 famous actresses from Colombia were born in 1979:

Zulay Henao

Zulay Henao (May 29, 1979 Medellín-) is a Colombian actor.

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Paola Rey

Paola Rey (December 19, 1979 San Gil-) also known as Paola Andrea Rey or Paola Andrea Rey Arciniegas is a Colombian actor and model.

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Marcela Mar

Marcela Mar (March 16, 1979 Bogotá-) also known as Marcela Gardeazabal, Marcela Gardeazábal or Marcela Gardeazábal Martinez is a Colombian actor. She has one child, Emiliano Pernia.

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Verónica Orozco

Verónica Orozco (June 8, 1979 Bogotá-) a.k.a. Verónica Orozco Aristizábal is a Colombian singer and actor. She has one child, .

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Carolina Acevedo

Carolina Acevedo (October 7, 1979 Ibagué-) is a Colombian actor.

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