Colombian actresses who were born in 1980

Here are 5 famous actresses from Colombia were born in 1980:


Marbelle (January 19, 1980 Buenaventura-) is a Colombian singer, songwriter, musician and actor.

María Fernanda Yépez

María Fernanda Yépez (December 23, 1980 Medellín-) is a Colombian model and actor.

Ana Isabel Velásquez

Ana Isabel Velásquez (November 1, 1980 Medellín-) is a Colombian casting director and actor.

Alejandra Sandoval

Alejandra Sandoval (August 23, 1980 Cali-) is a Colombian actor.

Paloma Rojas

Paloma Rojas (July 15, 1980 Bogotá-) is a Colombian actor.

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