Croatian movie actors died in the year 2010

Here are 4 famous actors from Croatia died in 2010:

Bozidar Oreskovic

Bozidar Oreskovic (August 21, 1942 Zagreb-July 10, 2010 Zagreb) was a Croatian actor.

Ljubo Kapor

Ljubo Kapor (September 21, 1932 Korčula-March 13, 2010 Zagreb) also known as Ljubomir Kapor, Kiki or Ljubomir Kiki Kapor was a Croatian actor and voice actor.

Vanča Kljaković

Vanča Kljaković (March 20, 1930 Split-September 16, 2010 Croatia) a.k.a. Vanca Kljakovic was a Croatian film director, television director, actor and screenwriter.

Ladislav Demeterfy

Ladislav Demeterfy (January 29, 1933 Zagreb-November 19, 2010 Zagreb) was a Croatian actor.

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