Croatian musicians died when they were 68

Here are 6 famous musicians from Croatia died at 68:

Frane Vinko Golem

Frane Vinko Golem (October 4, 1938 Kingdom of Yugoslavia-August 11, 2007 Zagreb) was a Croatian personality.

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Ivan Rikard Ivanović

Ivan Rikard Ivanović (April 5, 1880 Osijek-February 1, 1949 Genoa) a.k.a. Dr. Ivan Rikard Ivanović or Ivan Rikard Mendel Kraus was a Croatian physician, politician and business magnate. He had five children, Daška McLean, Vane Ivanović, Vladimir Ivanović, Dimitar Ivanović and Marko Ivanović.

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Boris Dvornik

Boris Dvornik (April 16, 1939 Split-March 24, 2008 Split) was a Croatian actor. He had two children, Dean Dvornik and Dino Dvornik.

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Fabijan Šovagović

Fabijan Šovagović (January 4, 1932 Ladimirevci-January 1, 2001 Zagreb) also known as Fabijan Sovagovic or Fabijan Sovagovikj was a Croatian actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Filip Šovagović and Anja Sovagovic.

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Franjo Majetić

Franjo Majetić (February 26, 1923 Zagreb-November 29, 1991 Varaždin) was a Croatian actor.

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Kató Bárczy

Kató Bárczy (January 24, 1921 Opatija-June 20, 1989 Budapest) was a Croatian actor.

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