Cuban music stars who deceased at age 66

Here are 3 famous musicians from Cuba died at 66:

Humberto Solás

Humberto Solás (December 14, 1941 Havana-September 18, 2008 Havana) a.k.a. Humberto Solás Borrego was a Cuban film director and screenwriter.

He died in cancer.

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Demetrio Castillo Duany

Demetrio Castillo Duany (November 17, 1856 Santiago de Cuba-November 27, 1922 Santiago de Cuba) was a Cuban politician.

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Miguelito Valdés

Miguelito Valdés (September 6, 1912 Havana-November 9, 1978 Bogotá) also known as Miguelito Valdes, Valdés, Miguelito, Babalu Miguelito Valdes, Miguelito Valdez or Valdez, Miguelito was a Cuban singer and actor.

Genres he performed include Guaracha and Bolero.

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