Czech movie actors born in the year 1946

Here are 11 famous actors from Czech Republic were born in 1946:

Jiří Ornest

Jiří Ornest (September 27, 1946 Prague-) also known as Jirí Ornest is a Czech actor. He has two children, Šimon Ornest and Matěj Ornest.

Arnošt Goldflam

Arnošt Goldflam (September 22, 1946 Brno-) also known as Arnost Goldflam is a Czech writer, film director, actor, playwright and screenwriter.

Vladimír Merta

Vladimír Merta (January 20, 1946 Prague-) is a Czech screenwriter, actor and film score composer.

Petr Svojtka

Petr Svojtka (September 25, 1946 Prague-May 9, 1982 Prague) also known as Peter Svojtka was a Czech actor. His children are called Petr Svojtka, Jan Svojtka and Jana Janěková.

René Pribil

René Pribil (April 17, 1946 Pilsen-) also known as René Pribyl is a Czech actor.

Rudolf Hrušínský

Rudolf Hrušínský (October 5, 1946 Prague-) also known as Rudolf Hrusínsky ml., Rudolf Hrusínsky Jr. or Rudolf Hrusínský ml. is a Czech actor. His child is called Rudolf Hrušínský.

Jiří Stanislav

Jiří Stanislav (December 3, 1946 Ivančice-) also known as Jiri Stanislav is a Czech actor.

Ladislav Gerendás

Ladislav Gerendás (December 16, 1946 Karlovy Vary-) also known as Ladislav Gerendás or L. Gerendás is a Czech actor.

Ivan Vyskočil

Ivan Vyskočil (May 21, 1946 Prague-) is a Czech actor.

Vlastimil Harapes

Vlastimil Harapes (July 24, 1946 Czech Republic-) is a Czech actor.

Alan Vitouš

Alan Vitouš (April 26, 1946 Prague-) is a Czech film score composer and actor.

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