Czech movie actors born in the year 1951

Here are 9 famous actors from Czech Republic were born in 1951:

Vladimír Čech

Vladimír Čech (July 6, 1951 Prague-March 22, 2013) was a Czech actor.

Miroslav Krobot

Miroslav Krobot (November 12, 1951 Šumperk-) is a Czech actor, theatre director, screenwriter and television director. He has one child, Lenka Krobotová.

Petr Šabach

Petr Šabach (August 23, 1951 Prague-) also known as Petr Sabach is a Czech screenwriter, actor and writer.

Svatopluk Skopal

Svatopluk Skopal (May 28, 1951 Kutná Hora-) is a Czech actor, theater arts educator and film director. He has one child, František Skopal.

Miroslav Donutil

Miroslav Donutil (February 7, 1951 Třebíč-) also known as Donutil, Miroslav is a Czech actor. He has two children, Tomáš Donutil and Martin Donutil.

Vladimír Marek

Vladimír Marek (August 6, 1951 Prague-) is a Czech actor.

Miroslav Mejzlík

Miroslav Mejzlík (July 7, 1951 Třebíč-) a.k.a. Miloslav Mejzlík is a Czech actor.

Josef Klíma

Josef Klíma (March 19, 1951 Prague-) is a Czech screenwriter, journalist, actor and writer.

Jiří Vondráček

Jiří Vondráček (January 7, 1951 Chrudim-) also known as Vondráček, Jiří is a Czech composer, musician, bassist and actor. His child is called Lucie Vondráčková.

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