Czech movie actors born in the year 1977

Here are 5 famous actors from Czech Republic were born in 1977:

Jan Budař

Jan Budař (July 31, 1977 Frýdlant-) also known as Jan Budar, Pavel Bedura or Budař, Jan is a Czech actor, singer, film director, composer, screenwriter and film score composer.

Adam Stivín

Adam Stivín (January 18, 1977 Prague-) is a Czech actor and musician.

Jakub Snochowski

Jakub Snochowski (April 17, 1977 Stockholm-) is a Czech actor. He has one child, Hanna Snochowska.

Pavel Simcík

Pavel Simcík (May 22, 1977 Prague-) is a Czech actor.

Andy Kugler

Andy Kugler (October 5, 1977 Prague-) also known as Ondrej Kugler is a Czech cinematographer, film director, actor, screenwriter and film editor.

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