Czech movie stars died in Myocardial infarction

Here are 7 famous actors from Czech Republic died in Myocardial infarction:

Leo Slezak

Leo Slezak (August 18, 1873 Šumperk-June 1, 1946 Rottach-Egern) was a Czech actor and singer. He had two children, Walter Slezak and Margarete Slezak.

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Karel Lamač

Karel Lamač (January 27, 1887 Prague-August 2, 1952 Hamburg) a.k.a. Karel Lamac, Charles Lamac, Karel Lamacz, Karl Lamac or Carl Lamac was a Czech film producer, actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Jiří Voskovec

Jiří Voskovec (June 19, 1905 Sázava-July 1, 1981 Pearblossom) also known as Jiri Voskovec, Jiří Wachsmann, Voskovec, Jiří, Jiri Wachsmann, George Voskovec, Petr Dolan, Wookovec, Jirí Voskovec, Jirí Wachsmann, Jiri Vaksman or Václav Voskovec was a Czech actor, playwright, poet, screenwriter, translator, songwriter and theatre director. His children are called Victoria Voskovec and Georgeanne Voskovec.

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Martin Miller

Martin Miller (September 2, 1899 Kroměříž-August 26, 1969 Innsbruck) also known as Rudolph Muller or Martyn Miller was a Czech actor.

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Egon Brecher

Egon Brecher (February 18, 1880 Olomouc-October 12, 1946 Hollywood) was a Czech actor and theatre director. His child is called Suse Brecher.

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Josef Hlinomaz

Josef Hlinomaz (October 9, 1914 Prague-August 8, 1978 Split) also known as J. Hlinomaz was a Czech journalist, painter, actor and illustrator.

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Radovan Lukavský

Radovan Lukavský (November 1, 1919 Prague-March 10, 2008 Prague) also known as Radovan Lukavsky or R. Lukavský was a Czech actor. He had one child, Ondřej Lukavský.

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