Czech movie actresses born in the year 1948

Here are 5 famous actresses from Czech Republic were born in 1948:

Jana Preissová

Jana Preissová (February 7, 1948 Plzeň Region-) a.k.a. Jana Drchalova, Jana Preiss or Jana Drchalová is a Czech actor. She has two children, Martin Preiss and Jan Preiss.

Olga Blechová

Olga Blechová (October 2, 1948 Prague-) also known as Olga Matušková, Olga Blechová or Olina is a Czech actor and singer. Her child is called Waldemar Matuška.

Marta Vančurová

Marta Vančurová (September 7, 1948 Prague-) a.k.a. Marta Vančurová is a Czech actor. She has one child, Jan Malíř.

Pavla Martínková

Pavla Martínková (February 9, 1948-) is a Czech actor.

Ivana Valešová

Ivana Valešová (March 4, 1948 Lukovany-) also known as Ivana Valesová is a Czech actor.

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