Czech movie actresses born in the year 1964

Here are 9 famous actresses from Czech Republic were born in 1964:

Michaela Dolinová

Michaela Dolinová (March 16, 1964-) is a Czech actor.

Tereza Kucerová

Tereza Kucerová (May 5, 1964 Prague-) is a Czech actor and costume designer.

Barbora Hrzánová

Barbora Hrzánová (April 22, 1964 České Budějovice-) also known as Babrora Hrzánová or Bára Hrzánová is a Czech actor. She has one child, Antonín Holub.

Petra Lustigova

Petra Lustigova (May 14, 1964 Prague-) also known as Petra Lustigová is a Czech actor.

Martina Hudečková

Martina Hudečková (February 6, 1964 Prague-) otherwise known as Martina Hudecková is a Czech actor and voice actor.

Pavla Vojácková

Pavla Vojácková (September 25, 1964 Prague-) a.k.a. Pavla Rychlá is a Czech actor.

Simona Postlerová

Simona Postlerová (November 9, 1964 Pilsen-) is a Czech actor.

Veronika Jeníková

Veronika Jeníková (June 4, 1964 Prague-) is a Czech actor. She has two children, Lukáš and Kamila.

Eva Jeníčková

Eva Jeníčková (August 5, 1964 Prague-) a.k.a. Eva Jenícková, Evicka or E. Jenícková is a Czech actor.

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