Czech movie actresses born in the year 1976

Here are 8 famous actresses from Czech Republic were born in 1976:

Anna Geislerová

Anna Geislerová (April 17, 1976 Prague-) a.k.a. Aňa Geislerová, Anna Geislerova or Ana Geislerová is a Czech actor and model. She has three children, Stella Janáčková, Bruno Janáček and Max Janáček.

Klára Sedláčková

Klára Sedláčková (February 20, 1976 Pardubice-) a.k.a. Klára Sedlácková-Oltová is a Czech actor.

Kateřina Winterová

Kateřina Winterová (February 12, 1976 Benešov-) is a Czech actor and singer.

Eva Vrbková

Eva Vrbková (August 11, 1976 Brno-) is a Czech actor.

Zdenka Micka

Zdenka Micka (December 30, 1976 Šternberk-) is a Czech actor.

Veronika Hadrava

Veronika Hadrava (April 28, 1976 Ústí nad Labem-) otherwise known as Veronika Hadravova is a Czech actor.

Monika Zoubková

Monika Zoubková (July 23, 1976 Krnov-) is a Czech actor. Her child is called Emma Luisa Dočekalová.

Dita Hořínková

Dita Hořínková (March 16, 1976 Prague-) is a Czech opera singer and actor. Her child is called Filip Antonio.

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