Czech musicians born in the year 1951

Here are 6 famous musicians from Czech Republic were born in 1951:

Ondřej Soukup

Ondřej Soukup (May 2, 1951 Prague-) also known as Ondrej Soukup is a Czech film score composer and composer. He has two children, František Soukup and Rebeka Soukupová.

His most well known albums: Tmavomodrý svět, Kolya, Checkmate and Hieronimus Bosch - Garden of Earthly Delights.

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Boris Rösner

Boris Rösner (January 25, 1951 Opava-May 31, 2006) also known as Rösner, Boris was a Czech , .

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Miroslav Donutil

Miroslav Donutil (February 7, 1951 Třebíč-) also known as Donutil, Miroslav is a Czech actor. He has two children, Tomáš Donutil and Martin Donutil.

His most important albums: Balada pro banditu.

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Jiří Schelinger

Jiří Schelinger (March 6, 1951 Bousov-April 13, 1981 Bratislava) also known as Schelinger, Jiří was a Czech musician and singer.

His albums: Holubí dům - Rock Komplet 1972-76, Jsem svítání, Singly 1972-1978, Holubí dům, Holubi Dum, , , and . Genres he performed: Hard rock and Pop rock.

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Milan Hlavsa

Milan Hlavsa (March 6, 1951 Prague-January 5, 2001 Prague) a.k.a. Hlavsa, Milan or Mejla Hlavsa was a Czech musician.

His albums include .

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Ondřej Hejma

Ondřej Hejma (February 3, 1951 Prague-) also known as Ondrej Hejma is a Czech singer and journalist.

His albums: Rockin' The Blues.

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