Czech musicians died when they were 47

Here are 6 famous musicians from Czech Republic died at 47:

Ivo Žďárek

Ivo Žďárek (November 6, 1960 Trutnov-September 20, 2008 Islamabad) was a Czech personality.

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Josef Kaizl

Josef Kaizl (June 10, 1854 Volyně-August 19, 1901 Myslkovice) was a Czech politician and economist.

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Jaroslav Havlíček

Jaroslav Havlíček (February 3, 1896-April 7, 1943) also known as Jaroslav Havlicek was a Czech novelist.

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Milena Jesenská

Milena Jesenská (August 10, 1896 Prague-May 17, 1944 Ravensbrück concentration camp) also known as Milena Jesenska was a Czech writer and journalist. She had one child, Jana Černá.

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Konrad Henlein

Konrad Henlein (May 6, 1898 Vratislavice nad Nisou-May 10, 1945 Pilsen) also known as Konrad Ernst Eduard Henlein was a Czech politician and bank teller.

He died in suicide.

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Rostislav Čtvrtlík

Rostislav Čtvrtlík (November 9, 1963 Olomouc-March 6, 2011 Prague) was a Czech actor.

He died caused by brain tumor.

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