Czech musicians died when they were 57

Here are 4 famous musicians from Czech Republic died at 57:

Jacob of Mies

Jacob of Mies (April 5, 1372 Stříbro-August 9, 1429 Prague) was a Czech personality.

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Vítězslav Nezval

Vítězslav Nezval (May 26, 1900 Biskoupky-April 6, 1958 Prague) also known as Vitezslav Nezval was a Czech writer and novelist.

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Jan Svatopluk Presl

Jan Svatopluk Presl (September 4, 1791 Prague-April 6, 1849 Austrian Empire) was a Czech chemist and botanist.

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Jan Neruda

Jan Neruda (July 9, 1834 Prague-August 22, 1891 Prague) was a Czech writer, poet and journalist.

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