Czech musicians died when they were 76

Here are 10 famous musicians from Czech Republic died at 76:

Jiří Mucha

Jiří Mucha (March 12, 1915 Prague-April 5, 1991 Prague) also known as Jiri Mucha was a Czech writer, journalist, screenwriter and author. He had two children, John Mucha and Jarmila Plockova.

He died in cancer.

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Karel Kosík

Karel Kosík (June 26, 1926 Prague-February 21, 2003 Prague) was a Czech personality.

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Josef Holeček

Josef Holeček (February 27, 1853 Stožice, Czech Republic-March 6, 1929) was a Czech writer.

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Karel Kramář

Karel Kramář (December 27, 1860 Vysoké nad Jizerou-May 26, 1937 Prague) also known as Karel Kramar was a Czech politician.

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Egon von Jordan

Egon von Jordan (March 19, 1902 Duchcov-December 27, 1978 Vienna) also known as Egon v. Jordan, E. von Jordan or Egon Jordan was a Czech actor.

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Gustav Hilmar

Gustav Hilmar (January 30, 1891 Bohemia-March 19, 1967 Prague) a.k.a. G. Hilmar or Gustav Černý was a Czech actor, painter and sculptor.

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Jiří Voskovec

Jiří Voskovec (June 19, 1905 Sázava-July 1, 1981 Pearblossom) also known as Jiri Voskovec, Jiří Wachsmann, Voskovec, Jiří, Jiri Wachsmann, George Voskovec, Petr Dolan, Wookovec, Jirí Voskovec, Jirí Wachsmann, Jiri Vaksman or Václav Voskovec was a Czech actor, playwright, poet, screenwriter, translator, songwriter and theatre director. His children are Victoria Voskovec and Georgeanne Voskovec.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Fritz Schulz

Fritz Schulz (April 25, 1896 Karlovy Vary-May 9, 1972 Zürich) also known as Fritz Schultz was a Czech actor and film director.

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Vladimír Sommer

Vladimír Sommer (February 28, 1921 Dolní Jiretín-September 8, 1997 Prague) was a Czech composer and film score composer. He had one child, Jakub Sommer.

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Ladislav Šaloun

Ladislav Šaloun (August 1, 1870 Prague-October 18, 1946 Prague) was a Czech personality.

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